Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Freshies

Five days ago, hubby and I had lunch with BF Scully at Teriyaki Boy, Robinson's Place. Of course, Scully was late, he being a first year IM Resident. So, hubby and I had to kill time and manage all self-restraint not to eat the food ordered and delivered to our table since Scully is still not around. Killing time means "accidentally eavesdropping" on the next table. There they were, a group of about 10 boys (gosh, I feel so old) who looks as if they came fresh out of highschool. They were at first talking about mundane things. Where to buy books, their dorms etc. So I thought they were freshies at the nearby UP Manila. But I was wrong, they were incoming UP MED students.

boy 1: Saan kayo bibili ng books? Mga frats daw meron.
boy 2: Sige dun na lang para mura. Mahirap daw biochem ng first year ah.
boy 3: Siguro naman hindi tayo mahihirapan kasi may biochem tayo nung college. I mean, may background naman tayo, kayang-kaya naman natin yun..

At this point, I laughed.. They are still naive. Give them a sem.

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will said...

abe navarro! bakit hindi mo sinabi na may blog ka pala? syempre ngayon ko lang nabasa to. hahaha i can still remember those kids. concidentally... andito ko ngayon sa coffee bean sa rob and andito yung guy na nagsabing madali ang bio chem. nag-aaral sila! by the way ni-revive ko na ang aking blogspot blog and linked your blog and totally left behind my friendster blog. mag sulat ka na ulit!