Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Heart Melbourne

I fell in love with Melbourne. The laidback pace, the downtown pubs and the small, quaint shops make it a very interesting place to live in. And the fact that you don't really need a car to get around the city. There are city trams all over. The downtown is quite small really, hubby and I just walked all over the city. Hmm, I could make my Melbourne City Walks ;) I've seen a NY and HK City Walks guide in Powerbooks.

Market lovers that we both are, the Victoria Market is heaven. I am not a cheese connoisseur but I can say that it really has an extensive array of cheeses. And the olives too! Should have looked up Mediterranean recipes while we were there.
Beef and meat is cheap. Seafood is expensive as expected. The only thing that struck me about the market is that it closes early, 3 pm on a regular weekday.

We also went on the Great Ocean Road Tour which was worth the AUD 150 that we paid for, complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a more personalized tour, where you knew the other tourists by name. It is operated by a couple and their only son, and their 2 dependable Benz vans. We met up at Flinders station at 7 am and went on our way. First stop is Torquay beach which we were told is a popular surfer spot.Our guides prepared a breakfast of English tea, choco lamingtons and crackers.

There were some vegemite too which was a bit salty for our taste. Vegemite is quite a staple breakfast item there. It was a novelty for hubby and I.
The twelve apostles , as they call it, was just beautiful.

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PePPeR_MD said...

it's amazing how you can go and walk around melbourne isn't it? :) it's my dream city to live in. haha. explored the city by myself a year ago too.. :p

Porsh said...

Abe start blogging na, you've got internet connection na ah.