Friday, August 15, 2008

Fresh Start

We have been living in NY now for more than a month. It is not easy uprooting yourself in a place where you have become familiar with. And starting life in a place as fastpaced as NY. But in more than a month, I can say that I am having the greatest adventure of my life.
Things I am loving right now:
1. Our apartment -- There is so much to be done in terms of decorating it. But, I am taking it slowly ;)
2. Fast internet connection
3. Very good public transportation -- Well, I don't have impeccable driving skills so this is a big thing for me. I mean, I can just hop on a bus or subway and I can go to any borough.
4. Sights and sounds of Manhattan -- There are so many things to explore and places to visit. Every weekend, hubby and I try to explore Manhattan. Last weekend, we went to the "mother deli of all delis"--Zabar's-- and looked at all the different types of food that was on sale. The little things like these make me happy.
5. Tasti D-Lite
6. People watching in Central Park
7. The red-brick houses in our neighborhood
8. Italian delis and restos just 2 blocks from our house
9. Shopping - Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Old Navy, Gap, H & M
10. Waking up next to my husband who falls asleep hugging me.

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