Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food Phases

Hubby and I have this food phases. The last month was the Indian food phase. We fell in love with Indian food the first time that Mr. Ghandi , a family friend, visited Manila and introduced us to this wonderful Indian resto "Queens" located in Jupiter. We have visited Queens at least 7 times before the move. And yes, even in our honeymoon in Melbourne, we ate at an Indian place downtown. And when we moved here, the itch for spicy food revealed itself again. And so, I looked for Indian resto reviews in the Internet and it said that downtown Lexington is the place to look for. I did not have a camera the three consecutive Sundays that we were there, unfotunately. The last time, we discovered this grocery that sells all kinds of spices and teas and anything Indian. Oh, they have Turkish stuff too. We went home with our spice loot, jasmine tea, and 2 packs of papads ( is there a plural of papad ? ).. Happy, happy!!
Next is the Korean phase, many thanks to Tris (VEs' cousin) who brought us to Korean town yesterday.

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john calica said...

Hi Abe! It was such a delight reading through your posts. I happened to drop by Willy's blog and saw a link to yours. Indian Cuisine, specifically South Indian Cuisine, which I got to sample when I visited this restaurant in KL called Rumah Ku, is the best! Nakakainggit kayo ni Joa, makes me want to get married na din. he he he.

Happy New Year!